MTI has entered into special collaboration agreements with a number of leading edge technology companies, with whom the principals have been working with over a long number of years and ranging from machine and tool engineering, UV casting production, optical and nano & micro design and origination companies in order to provide MTI with state of the art technologies and capabilities in order for MTI to develop, manufacture and supply the products for customers in the specific markets it will operate in.

  • A specialty engineering and machine construction company located in Germany and a supplier of specialty coating, mechanical parts and components to the Printing & Converting industries. Customers include; Gallus partly owned by Heidelberg.

  • A leading European thin film optics company, based in the UK and specialising in UV casting of nano & micro lenses for the supply of thin film optics for the solar (PV & CPV), display (OLED), lighting (OLED) defence and security markets and industries. The Company has over 15 years experience in UV Casting and UV Embossing production technologies and is considered to have the highest quality of production of UV cast filmic materials.

  • A specialty nano & micro design and origination company based in Switzerland, which supplies patterned and 3D nano structured and holographic nickel shims for use in embossing in the high security print and packaging industries around the world.

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