About Us

MACHOVIA Technology Innovations is a specialist nano & micro scale structural engineering company.

The founder has 25 years experience in industry and specifically in the tech sector and businesses specialising in Optical, Nano & Micro Surface Structuring Technologies as well as in the Display and Security Print sectors with Linear & Moth Eye Lenticular Printing and Holographic/OVD Embossing technologies.

MACHOVIA takes the role of a main contractor and systems developer and integrator or provider, managing projects from initial concept and enquiry through to completion and delivery. The Company can take a project from initial concept through to completion and delivery:

i. Design & Origination of Optical, Nano & Micros Surface Structures
ii. Tooling & Forms engineering and manufacture
iii. Machine & Converting equipment design, engineering and construction
iv. Production & Converting on roll to roll or sheet fed UV Casting machines

The Company works in Collaboration with key specialist supplier partners in order to develop the required technical and production solution for the customer's project.

The Company works with End Users, OEMs, Converters, Engineering Companies, Systems Providers and Integrators, Research Institutes, Universities and Technology Companies in bringing the Innovative Solutions, Technologies, Processes and Products (The Solution) from Research & Development phases through to the Realisation and Commercialisation phase i.e. to Market.

The Company has a truly wide and varied established network of specialist co-operation partners; research institutes, universities, engineering companies, design and imaging companies, consumables suppliers and developers including substrates and chemistry, production and converting companies, and valued customers looking for new innovative technologies and products.

The business model is to delivery products directly to the customer either from its own secure production facilities or its technology partner's facilities. A further strategy is to enter into Technology Transfer and Licensing Agreements for specific products, applications and markets.

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